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Concert des Cure – Paris Bercy 12/03/2008

22 March, 2008


Splendide Concert. Don’t trust the front page I wanted to start by my favorite artist Sir Jimmy Page. Then follow all pictures from the Cure. Enjoy and let me your comments !!!

Magnifique concert. La première photo n’est que celle de Jimmy Page a qui je voulais rendre hommage en commençant cet album. Faites-vous plaisir et laissez moi vos commentaires.



Kids on the blog 2

5 April, 2007


as before same album:

Kids on the blog

5 April, 2007


Faces ! Kids are great as always. Women ? Don’t even think about it ! Difficult to take pictures of Afghan women, even if Afghan men really enjoy to be taken in picture. I stole some shoots as you will see in the next post. I let you appreciate.

follow the link:

Everything has to finish…

17 March, 2007


Anyway only week is definitly a shame if you go to India. You need a life ! So… I go back in April. HA!

Many reasons exist to go back and it’s not finished for me with India. But now back to work because the ugly men with short ideas and long beard (should call it “goatee” and not only for the hair, see what I mean) and are expecting me…

Then in Delhi !

17 March, 2007


The Lotus Temple, also known as the Bha’ai Temple (but not so popular even for Delhi Indian inhabitant. Bha’ai is between the religion and the philosophic flow, the idea is to unit the nine main religion (I let you make the list), so you will observe as I did that thhe temple is built around the figure ‘9’, all the structures it’s made of are working by 9. The adepts are around 6 millions I guess and of course coming from every religion, 2 millions are in India. Anyway, interesting. But look on the web I don’t do any proselytism 🙂 The model picture is an exclusivity ! It was strictly forbidden to take any picture. So… I did it HA ! HA ! HA !

Otherwise you will see the Red Fort located inside Delhi, sellers come inside the public bus to propose you food, drinks, to sell you the best stationnary material last generation of Reynolds pen (TM) hi hi!! … anything !

And for the cow !? Well, it’s just a cow on the pavement, so what !?

What is Kathakali !?

17 March, 2007


With the first association of Kalarippayat I visited (CVN Kalari Sangham) many foreign people were studying Kalari, English, French, Canadian and among those some people from Quebec who came in Kerala especially to study this art in order to integrate it in their own work of course. Thanks to Pascal, me and Russel have assisted to a representation of Kathakali where the story is sung by musicians and told by the actors and their specific movements (kind of a mime). Of course we didn’t understand a lot, but as always it was about a man and… a woman. Mon bon Pascal j’espère ne pas raconter trop de salades, tu me corriges hein !

I let you see:

Some traditional arts from Kerala: Kathakali and Kalarippayat

17 March, 2007


I went in Kerala for only one reason in fact. To discover a martial art named Kalarippayat. This martial art is supposed to be the father of all martial arts for some, a very ancient martial art for others…I don’t know where is the truth. All I can I say is I received a very nice welcome from the Papanam Code Kalari club. The teacher, Master Gurukal is a nice and simple man, checking his head very often from left to right to say “yes” as it’s seems to say “no” for occidental people. Ha ha, that was quite strange for me to discuss with Indian people at the beginning:

“But why the hell he says “no” all the time with his head !!”

During that week I trained almsot every morning from 6h30 to 8h30, you talk about holidays… But it’s a very good discipline. 5 to 6 students training in good spirit. I enjoyed a lot. What I didn’t like at all is, we started putting some oil on our body, from the head to the heel (beurk!), dressed in the traditional “lengothi” well hum hum I let you check the pictures to this link…

Et un complément interessant de mon professeur d’art martiaux vietnamien.

Effectivement ; le Kalarippayat est un des principaux ancêtres de tous les arts anciens de cette région du monde.

Probablement un peu plus ancien que les Vô Thuat d’origine du Daï Viêt (ancien empire du Viêt Nam), – 5000 ans.

Ces arts Indiens dont était un véritable Maître d’armes, Bouddha, doivent dater de -7 à – 8000 ans.

Ils sont la source des connaissances du corps dans le monde en passant par l’empire du milieu qui était le Daï Viêt et non la Chine (qui n’éxistait pas encore) jusqu’en Chine en transmettant par la même occasion la philosophie (de la vie sous toutes ses formes) comme tu as du te rendre compte qu’elle est omniprésente dans leurs vies.

Ce sera avec joie que je te reverrais lors d’un retour en France!!!

Ton humble ancien professeur de : Vô-Thuat Binh Dinh Cô-Truyen Viêt Nam.

Merci pour ces précisions cher Dimitri.

Break in India – Beautiful Kerala

17 March, 2007


Tiruvananthapuram is the main town in the south state of India named Kerala. Opened on the Indian Ocean it’s a peacefull place and the town isn’t crowded even if a bit noisy. Rick Shaw will bring you everywhere for a small amount if you can negociate properly of course. Otherwise just do like me, rent a motorbike in Kuvalam for 250 roupies/day (4,5 €) and you will be free to serve as a taxi for other tourists, won’t you Russel ?

Check all the pictures at :

Process problems and community conflicts

15 March, 2007


When some Choura (traditional assembly leading villages) leaders come to complain all I can do is to place them in front their responsibilities regarding the census report and to tell them I learn from this mistake as my organization (regarding a future project why not ?) but without any kind of promises of course!! So they accept, tell me they understand the difficulties to work in their country, seem to give me their trust until… I learn three days after they left to meet the provincial governor to complaining about my work! Because I didn’t select the same number of workers everywhere.

I have discovered that to avoid frustration even with big gap of population, the leaders select the same amount of people from each village. “Proportion” is NOT their conception of equality, they understand it’s unbalanced but it’s their way to avoid conflict between their people.

NSP information

14 March, 2007


As a response to the last post I received an interesting mail from a person probably involve in NSP process in Afghanistan, as I don’t know him. But anyway thank you Mr H. Barth. So I invite you to check the website of the project :

“Operational Manuel” in the chapter Implementation Strategy

 and also weekly report, I work on it actually.