Then in Delhi !


The Lotus Temple, also known as the Bha’ai Temple (but not so popular even for Delhi Indian inhabitant. Bha’ai is between the religion and the philosophic flow, the idea is to unit the nine main religion (I let you make the list), so you will observe as I did that thhe temple is built around the figure ‘9’, all the structures it’s made of are working by 9. The adepts are around 6 millions I guess and of course coming from every religion, 2 millions are in India. Anyway, interesting. But look on the web I don’t do any proselytism 🙂 The model picture is an exclusivity ! It was strictly forbidden to take any picture. So… I did it HA ! HA ! HA !

Otherwise you will see the Red Fort located inside Delhi, sellers come inside the public bus to propose you food, drinks, to sell you the best stationnary material last generation of Reynolds pen (TM) hi hi!! … anything !

And for the cow !? Well, it’s just a cow on the pavement, so what !?


4 Responses to “Then in Delhi !”

  1. Julio Says:

    Oui d’ailleurs en parlant de vache sacré j’en ai pas vue la moindre photo ou même de conducteur d’éléphant !!! J’attends. Une bonne raison pour que tu vienne la prochaine fois en Inde avec moi. héhé

  2. Pierre Says:

    mais julio c’est toi ma petite vache sacrée.

  3. So&Astre&etc... Says:

    Please, come back home ! You lost french language… and I’m afraid you strenghten relationships with cows !!!!!
    Perhaps are they better than short ideas men ?

  4. dummidumbwit Says:

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