Process problems and community conflicts


When some Choura (traditional assembly leading villages) leaders come to complain all I can do is to place them in front their responsibilities regarding the census report and to tell them I learn from this mistake as my organization (regarding a future project why not ?) but without any kind of promises of course!! So they accept, tell me they understand the difficulties to work in their country, seem to give me their trust until… I learn three days after they left to meet the provincial governor to complaining about my work! Because I didn’t select the same number of workers everywhere.

I have discovered that to avoid frustration even with big gap of population, the leaders select the same amount of people from each village. “Proportion” is NOT their conception of equality, they understand it’s unbalanced but it’s their way to avoid conflict between their people.


3 Responses to “Process problems and community conflicts”

  1. So&Astre&etc... Says:

    Tu vas bientôt pouvoir mener des formations (à prix d’or) à la communication non violente, ainsi qu’au coaching de managers déséspérés. Cest-y pas un débouché tentant, ça ? Plutôt que d’aller te mouiller parmi des moins gentils que nous ?
    Dès que tu es bien mûr et avant de craquer complètement (genre Full Monty sur le Net…), reviens-nous et on prendra soin de toi.

  2. Guillaume Says:

    réunion tupper-ware en afghanistan…

  3. bin_emir Says:

    Hello I am a friend of George Evashuk-we taught in UAE.
    I’ve read quite a bit about Afghanistan and always wanted to go there.
    Were those elders you were sitting with Hazaras or Tajiks?

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