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The only race of dog in all Afghanistan.

8 February, 2007


Balaghli, close to Alawuddin (15km, one hour by car), is also on the road to Mazar e Charif, and constitute an important point of supply for all the villages around. I met there this young boy, master of this dog, very aggressive, blood injected eyes. This dog is bread for fighting and cannot be approached by anybody else than his young master and his father probably. The other one (left) is much nicer.


Working on.

8 February, 2007


Some view of the tracks under renovation. Those pictures are made in great landscape but at few days after snow was falling, cold has arrived, conditions are much more difficult

alawuddin02-11-2006.JPG        alawuddin01-11-2006.JPG       alawuddin03-11-2006.JPG       


In Alawuddin end of November

8 February, 2007


The assembly of Alawuddin Village. The “Choura”, traditional assembly with which I had to discuss about the starting of the project. On the right, the day we started the project, all the workers are gathered waiting to receive tools, clothes and material. We divided them in groups, lead by team leaders. And Jabarkhil the engineer has posted the different groups of workers on the road to renovate. Each team leader has the responsibility of his tools and the different groups are supervised by one of my supervisors. Field technicians supervise the technical work on the road. Field monitor will enquire in villages collecting data on family resources and incomes.

More Geographical details

8 February, 2007


Here is the map of the district where this road renovation occurs. From the village of Ruy (2200m) passing by Qashqa (2400m) up to Alawuddin (2600m). Of course the most logical would have been to start the work between the highest place (Alawuddin & Qashqa) then to shift on Ruy. But the elders of Ruy, who belong to Habasch ethnical group, didn’t agree with this idea.

Roy Doab district is composed of three main ethnics group: Tatare (Qashqa area) Hazara (Alawuddin to Doab) and Habasch in the north (Ruy). Those people from Ruy compose the small minority in the district (15%). The governor of the district is Hazara and the governor of the province also. Who will take care of Habasch from Ruy? So every thing is a reason to contest, to claim or to complain which is also a way to defend their position quite fragile in the district. They even became quite aggressive with some of our local staff and their position is strategic. We must pass by their village to reach the province capital. I didn’t have the choice, in spite of the logistical constraints, the district governor forced me to accept their request to start in their place as in the South (Alawuddin)…

You will note the sub-base of Solidarités in the South of the district in the village of Roy Du Ab (or Roy Doab).

8 February, 2007


Of course we wouldn’t complete without our essential driver Mr Sakhi (up & left), Mr Youssouf (right).
I can say I’m really glad of the drivers I have even if those donkey heads never use the 4 wheels drive device at the right time and use foot break instead of engine break, I think I will repeat the same things on every continent, anyway…


to complete the group

8 February, 2007


In replacement of 3 field supervisors who left recently (traitors), arrived from left to right Ahmad Sha, Aalem and Atik Ula. I would like to conserv Aalem in the team but I fear it won’t be possible right now.

One of the problem in Afghanistan is you can plan anything you want it won’t work as you planned it anyway. The Afghan conception of time is quite different in fact…
And you will face also unexpected departure from your staff, as I did. They left for strange reasons but really I think they worked on my project during their holidays ’cause they were employed somewhere else in fact…

So I can introduce you my two last members, from the left to the right Mr Ahmad Cha former employee of Solidarités with agronomics education, Atik Ula supposed to join me earlier but he was ending his high school graduation and Mohammad Aliim ex-logisticizn who worked for the French NGO AMI (Aide Médicale Internationale).