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The great team !

22 January, 2007


January 2007 the 24th.

I will start introducing the staff of my team working in the cold condition of Roy Doab.

From the left upper corner Nasser (field monitor), Najheeb (technical supervisor/field monitor),  Wahab (field monitor), Qandagha (field monitor), Adji Halim (Supervisor-head of Base), Faiz Mohammad (technical supervisor), Sher Ahmad Jabarkhil (engineer, so he says…), and myself !

The team is devided in two groups working in two different villages. In each of them the technical supervisors  are  in charge of the road renovation and the field monitors are processing on population survey and data collecting. Those data are suppose to allow an impact estimate of the project. Olso we collect information concerning the level of life, the basic needs, level and nature of ressources (cattles, harvest, family composition etc…)

After one and a half month we reached the middle of the project and the comunities manifest a good involvement  up to now (finger crossed…)