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Afghanistan : Draught Reponse started !

17 December, 2006

Hi to all of you my first visitors,

Thanks a lot for coming and visiting this new blog about missions I’ll do throught this amazing world, melting pot of cultures, stranged, so different with difficult aspects to understand or even to accept sometimes.

I’m quite late but I just recovered a numeric camera my last video camera is totally out of order I didn’t have anything to send you pictures or anything… Well it’s history.

After Liberia with the great NGO Médecins du Monde ( working as logistic coordinator on a primary health care and mental health care project from August 2005 to june 2006, I’m now for my second mission and first experience in Middle East with the extremely active NGO Solidarités ( specialized in agricol programs and water and sanitation programs. With a very long experience of Afghanistan where they started their action in 1981.

I work as a project manager on a draugt reponse project. Throught a cash for work activity (road renovation work) we give job to several hundreds of Afghanese people in order to fill the food gap of winter they must face because of the poor harvest from the past year (draught consequences). Financed by the European Commission the project should last for 5 month and finish end of March.

All along the remaining weeks I ‘ll share with you this experience throught pictures and stories of the events happening on this mission. I hope you’ll envoy and of course all your messages and commentary will be welcome !!

Pierre Farbos@


Where am I ?

17 December, 2006


Two small maps to give you an idea of our location and situation. We are in the Province of Samangan n°26 (main city also called Aïbak) more precisely in Roy Daob by 2200 m high. Quite cold, beleive me… right now our nights are around minus 5° to 10° but it’s only beginning of winter. The best is yet to come… :))

I say “we” because Claire is working on a national development program . We are two expatriates with a staff of around 30 people. But my staff is most of the time on three others bases quite far byt 2 1/2 to 4 hours by cars on ugly roads and with the snow or the ice it becomes really hard to pass some mountains’ passes or simply impossible Landcruiser, Landrover or whatever cars or trucks you have.